Terms and Conditions

Company Terms and Conditions

The “company” refers to Meet and Greet Heathrow (company registration number 14989449).

The “service provider” refers to the featured parking company operator for which the company acts as a booking agent

The “customer” refers to the person or persons using or proposing to use the services of the company

Meet and Greet/ Park and Ride/On site

You must ensure that you have a booking reference number of the confirmation of the booking during your travel. You must carry with you your Credit / Debit Card used for the booking to ensure that the procedure at the Meet and Greet Heathrow can be completed smoothly with little hassle to you and the parking staff. By booking through Meet and Greet Heathrow, the customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions that have been mentioned hereinafter in its entirety. The parking services offered by Meet and Greet Heathrow There will not be any obligation upon Meet and Greet Heathrow to return the money since the information wasn't mentioned anywhere on the website. It has been mentioned time and again in the terms and conditions and otherwise that the services offered are off-site and offered through service providers rather than the Booking Agent.

Company's Liability

The liability for Meet and Greet Heathrow to the customer for all claims from the use of this website and materials is limited to the cost of the customer's booking including both parking and booking fees paid to the www.Meet and Greet Heathrow.co.uk. Any claims by the customer in respect of the service rendered by the service provider must be made against the service provider and subject to its terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions apply only to bookings made directly through Meet and Greet Heathrow.co.uk.

The company acts only as a booking agent for the service provider for the featured Meet and Greet Heathrow. It does not itself provide the services. The customer will be contracting with the service provider and will be subject to the service provider's terms and conditions. Full details of these terms and conditions are available from the service provider.

If you encounter a problem/damage to the vehicle at your chosen parking, please inform the service provider immediately to allow them to rectify the problem. If you do not advise the service provider at the time it may be difficult to pursue a complaint at a later stage. The booking agent would not be liable for any damage to the vehicle and it should be dealt directly with the service provider.

Service Provider Liability

All Parkings are subject to the terms and conditions of the individual Meet and Greet Heathrow and the customer expressly accepts that all claims regarding damage or loss caused by the operator must be claimed from the service provider insurance and reported to the operator at the time of collection.

Service provider(s) will not be responsible in any way once the vehicle has been handed over to the customer

The service provider offers no warranty or indemnity as to the protection or safety of any goods left within the vehicles and owners of vehicles are reminded that their policies of insurance must be utilised to make any claim if such loss or damage occurs while the vehicle is parking in the Meet and Greet Heathrow area and was not directly the fault of the service provider.

Any damage found on the vehicle at the time of return will not be considered unless it is brought to the attention of the service provider before leaving the parking premises or airport

Your vehicle must be in roadworthy condition e.g. valid Tax and MOT, at the time of your collection.

The service providers accept no liability for the mechanical or electrical failure of any part of your vehicle, including windscreens, alarms, immobilisers, glass, flat batteries, tyres and wheels however caused. The Meet and Greet Heathrow/service providers accept no liability for any faulty car keys, alarm fobs, house or other keys left on the key ring. You must ensure you leave the drivers with the right keys, alarm fobs and instructions to start your vehicle.

How Meet and Greet Heathrow works is through various service providers. There are several individual service providers whose services Meet and Greet Heathrow hires and there are certain terms and conditions that are needed to be followed exclusively for these individual Meet and Greet Heathrow. In case of any negligence that is committed, there will be full responsibility of the service provider till the time the vehicle is in the Meet and Greet Heathrow or returned. There will not be any liability once the vehicle is out of the premises of Meet and Greet Heathrow or handed over. Please ensure that the vehicle has been checked properly

The Company has the right to refuse or not fulfil a booking. The booking does not ensure that you will get the guaranteed service as the company can cancel the booking in case the service provider is unable to fulfil the booking. If such a circumstance arises, the Company will provide you a refund but will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage suffered. There will not be any liability of Meet and Greet Heathrow when there is non-performance due to unforeseeable circumstances such as war, riots, terrorism, natural and nuclear disasters, unnatural weather conditions etc. or any other circumstances which would amount to an act of God.

Instructions and Procedure for Parking

In case of park and ride services Ensure that you are carrying with you the directions which take you to your Meet and Greet Heathrow including the booking reference number. You should also be familiar with the entry and exit procedures of Meet and Greet Heathrow. All of these details will be printed on the booking voucher that has been provided to you. The liability of ensuring that the correct sets of directions are being followed is upon the customer which needs to be seen before exiting from the Meet and Greet Heathrow. It will not be the responsibility of Meet and Greet Heathrow and any of our agents in case there are bookings which are missed.

In case of Chauffeur/Meet and Greet services to ensure that there is a smooth ride, please ensure that you carry with you the contact number of the Chauffeur. Please familiarise yourself with the information regarding the procedure for arrival as mentioned in your booking voucher. The sole liability of being aware of the information that is mentioned in the voucher lies upon the customer. Meet and Greet Heathrow and/or our agent will not be responsible for any missed bookings. Possessions and keys please ensure that there are no valuables inside your car and the only thing that is left behind is the keys/codes which would be needed to move the vehicle around. There is a chance that the car keys would need to be left with the parking staff unless it has been mentioned otherwise.


In case proper entry and exit procedure as mentioned in the terms and conditions is not followed and a customer is charged with entry or exit fee, Meet and Greet Heathrow will not be responsible for the refund. Please present your vouchers at the time of entry. In a scenario where the company drivers are subjected to waiting or in cases of late arrivals by clients, it may lead to an additional charge of 10 which is supposed to be paid at the earliest. Please refer to more information for information related to surcharges. The vehicle that is to be parked at Meet and Greet Heathrow needs to be in such a condition that it has a current MOT, is drivable, and is taxed. The Meet and Greet Heathrow services hold the right to shift the vehicle in or outside the premises of the Meet and Greet Heathrow. The car can be driven for the same purpose. This is done to ensure that there is proficient management of the parking service. It is also done to prevent accidents or any hitch. Until there is a booking made for a self-park vehicle, the keys need to be given to the authorities for the same purpose. The Meet and Greet Heathrow company has the right to bring the car to a public way and for that purpose, the drivers provided by the company carry with them full insurance.


At Meet and Greet Heathrow, we are always putting in our best efforts to provide our customers with the best possible deals that are available. For this purpose, we keep looking out for the best deals which lead to revisions in prices and services. We try to arrange for certain offers during various times of the year. There are times when due to high demand the prices may also go up.

The booking fee will apply to all card payments.

In case of cancellations, the booking fee will not be refunded.

The prices may change subject to the date and the duration of stay

Certain surcharges are levied independently from the company haven't been imposed by Meet and Greet Heathrow and aren't included in the prices provided by Meet and Greet Heathrow

The two-way 24-hour transfers are inclusive of the price payable to the price. This transfer is from Meet and Greet Heathrow to the airport.

In case of certain bookings at some Meet and Greet Heathrow, a minimum stay applies. In such cases, you can stay for less than the minimum number of days, but will nonetheless have to make the payment that is due for the minimum period of booking

In case there is a high sided or wide vehicle, certain Meet and Greet Heathrow may not be able to accommodate that vehicle or may do that at an extra charge. This can be checked for more info or at the additional details that are available at our office.

Multiple special offers and discount codes cannot be clubbed together unless explicitly stated.


These are only applicable to services which are cancellable.

The cancellations need to be done through us only and should not be made with the service provider to be valid.

To get cancellation done, an email needs to be sent to bookings@Meet and Greet Heathrow.co.uk including the booking reference number.

There is a certain time limit that needs to be followed for cancellation requests to be accepted. No requests would be entertained during the office hours.

Customers who have not followed the conditions which have been mentioned will not be given any refund if unable to park.

In case there is a shorter stay than what was planned, there will not be any refund given.

The Refund Notice must be given within 48 hours of the cancellation, failing which the refund due to you will be waived

As subjected to the prior notice periods, there would be an additional charge that would be chargeable. There are certain offers which explicitly say they are not refundable for which no refunds would be available. There would be no money given back in case of booking fees and SMS charges.

Double bookings - A customer will have to pay the entire cost of a booking in case there is no contact made within 30 days of return when there is a double booking made for the very same vehicle/stay

We, at Meet and Greet Heathrow try to make sure that complete information is to be provided to the clients after they have made the booking. Even after receiving the complete information and detailed guidelines if a client fails to avail of the given services with no due notice there wouldn't be any refund that would be given.

Cancellation Cover

This is only applicable to services and products which are cancellable and amendable.

In case a customer wishes to cancel a booking, the stipulated time should be in advance 24 hours before the date of departure. In case a cancellation is done post that period, the rules mentioned above would be applicable.

If explicitly mentioned cancellation cover wouldn't be applicable, it also will not be applicable if the bookings are for the date on which the booking is done or the next day also.

The period in which cancellation requests would be entertained would be during the office period only. No cancellation requests will be seen after the notice period.

Complaints Procedure

In case there is an issue at any of the given Meet and Greet Heathrow, please provide information to the agent offering the services there for them to solve the issue. If you do not identify the provider at the time it may be difficult to resolve it later and the company will not be liable for the same. There will be maximum cooperation that would be provided to you though there is no full guarantee of it and the company will not be liable for the same.

In case you feel that there are certain other problems that you have encountered, do mention them using the customer support ticketing system(top right- home page) within a limit of 10 days of return. You can also write to us at Unit 9105 141 Access House, Morden Road, Mitcham, Surrey, England, CR4 4DG.

The response cycle is about 10 days long, once the complaint has been received and there are maximum efforts made to resolve them. Our customers can view the progress of their complaints in the customer support section.